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Jim Buchanan

Jim Buchanan joined 3M as a sales representative in Wichita Kansas in 1978 selling the then “cutting edge technology” of Microfilm Systems where he also held management positions in St. Paul and Southern California. He joined the 3M Dental Division in 1993 as the Western Region Sales Manager residing in Southern California and managing the West Coast clinical sales team.

Jim relocated back to St. Paul Minnesota in 2000 to launch and manage the division’s Dental Service Organization sales program which he authored

In 2002 Jim moved from clinical products to dental lab products and was responsible for the US launch of 3M Lava Crowns and Bridges business.

Jim is presently responsible for 3M Oral Care programming, sales, and relationships with the dental laboratory business segment. Dating back to his beginnings as a sales manager with 3M Dental he has always had high respect for the dental lab’s role as a Trusted Advisor to their dentist customers. He resides in Woodbury, Minnesota with his wife of 42 years and enjoys fishing and the outdoors.

Changing The Basis Of Competition” - Industry Overview and Profiting From Future Trends

  • Why do dentists use your lab and for what products?
  • What do you see as the present Basis of Competition?
  • What is your lab’s Value Proposition?
  • Does your value proposition make you relevant to your customers?

JJust making great crowns may not enough to remain competitive and avoid getting caught up in a price race to the bottom. In today’s business environment, you should seek to understanding your customers unarticulated needs and how you can help your customers meet these needs. With this knowledge and by leveraging strategic partnerships with industry resources you could effectively create a Value Proposition for your lab that could increase your relevancy and share of customer wallet, and help create loyalty by increasing your customers emotional switching costs.