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Chris Lessard

Chris Lessard is a California barred attorney who graduated from Georgia State University's School of Law. As a Solution Center Advisor at CEDR HR Solutions, Chris specializes in assisting healthcare employers and their office managers in solving the HR issues that pop up when you have employees. He is also married to a dermatology resident, so he is familiar with how hard working in the medical field can be. He currently resides in Tucson, AZ and enjoys travel and hiking in his spare time.

California HR Compliance

-Explosive HR: 5+ Legal Landmines and How to Avoid Them.

Who keeps you up-to-date on HR regulations and changing employment laws? Have they told you there have been at least 10 recent changes that directly affect your business? If your answer is no, this course is for you.

Every year, lawmakers change employment laws and regulations at state, federal, and local levels, and as an employer in California, you have it hardest: Your laws are the most stringent and employee-friendly in the country! To make this more daunting, you must be compliant with ALL of the hundreds of laws that apply to you ALL of the timeā€”or risk fines, penalties, and devastating lawsuits.

In this information-intensive and revealing presentation, CEDR Solution Center Advisor Chris Lessard will reveal at least 5 employment law and HR landmines that California employers must proactively avoid. Chris will also discuss how having the right policies in place will make the day-to-day operations of your business easier and far, far safer.