Anita Bobich

Invited by DLOAC

Advancing Dental Education: Gies in the 21st Century

In the midst of rapid and unprecedented change in our industry, it’s reassuring to know that concerned professionals are attempting to understand the dynamics and predict the best ways to prepare for the dentistry’s future. Many of us might not be aware that this process has occurred before.

In 1926 William J. Gies, a professor of Biochemistry at Columbia University published a report, “Dental Education in the United States and Canada,” that had a profound impact on dental education and, in turn, the dental profession. Funded by the Carnegie Foundation, Gies argued that to best serve the oral health needs of the American people, dental schools should be based in universities, and students should have a solid foundation in the biomedical sciences. Fortunately, Gies’ recommendations were largely followed, resulting in vast improvements in dental care.

Since 2015, a team of researchers and educators has been working on a comprehensive update. The first phase of intensive research is complete. At the Expo this year, one co-author of the dental technology education piece, Anita M. Bobich, BA, CDT, will present their findings about the factors needed for transforming dental technology education. This lady walks the walk: Pasadena City College, where Bobich teaches, has recently made major investments in revising the dental technology program there, increasingly emphasizing CAD/CAM technology training alongside the development of traditional skills. Expect to learn a lot from this educator who brings a non-commercial view to the Expo and is actively preparing our future workforce.